By-laws Register

By-laws Register

127 August 202020.8Lady Members Section – Initiation and Constitution
226 October 202222.10Veteran Golfers Section– Initiation and Constitution
324 April 201919.4Classes of Ordinary Membership
425 October 201717.10.15Golfing Sections Policy
530 May 201919.5Membership Fees, Waivers and the Absentee List
6No longer applicable
730 January 201414.1Declaration of Intent to Depart
823 February 201212.2Member Memorials Policy
925 November 202121.11Rules of the Course
1031 October 201919.10Owning and Driving a Golf Cart
1127 August 202020.8Junior and Cadet Golf
12No longer applicable
1328 January 202121.1Disciplinary Matters and Disciplinary Committee Terms of Reference
1431 October 201818.10Finance & Business Development Committee Terms of Reference
1527 August 202020.8Senior Staff & Human Resources Committee Terms of Reference
1627 August 202020.8Grounds, Greens & CATS Committee Terms of Reference
1725 November 202121.11Golf Operations Committee Terms of Reference
1831 August 201717.8Charity Golfing Events
1925 January 201818.1.15By-law Regulations
2026 April 201818.4.11Life Membership Nomination & Criteria
2127 January 202222.1Standing Orders
2227 February 202020.2.13MiClub On-line Competition Golf Booking
2327 August 202020.8Ad-hoc Project Management Committees Terms of Reference

Catalina Country Club Ltd Administrative By-laws (Confidential)

A108 January 201717.1.3Job Description – General Manager
A227 August 202020.8Delegation of Authority Policy

Appended Documents

17 December 2020Committee Membership as of 17 December 2020
24 September 202020.9cCode of Conduct for Members, Visitors and Guests
Code of Conduct for Directors