Step inside and make our new home, your new home!

The Clubhouse has recently undergone major refurbishments across two carefully curated stages and has become a leading destination and venue for the South Coast.

Following on from the launch of our Main Lounge, Bar and Dining Precincts, we reached a new milestone this week with the completion Stage Two of the Club Catalina Refurbishment Project, encompassing a stunning expansion and redesign of our TAB Precinct, Indoor and Outdoor Gaming Lounges, Sports Bar and Amenities.

The new renovations of our Gaming Lounge, Sports Bar and TAB Precinct showcases modern hues, textured backdrops, joinery, metallic accent, and designer finishes. Exclusive break away zones feature luxurious furnishings, enhanced privacy, and elegant lighting.

Digital enhancements and adoption of new innovating technologies, including installation of 30km of data cabling, will ensure delivery of high-end and seamless digital experiences to our Members and Guests, throughout the Clubhouse.

Our new TAB Precinct features an impressive state-of-the-art Sky Theatre Wall comprising of eleven screens covering all the action on race day. In conjunction to our Sky Theatre, we also have a 11-screen Video Wall – the ultimate addition for our dedicated Sports Fans! Watch Sport in real-time, in a virtual life-size high-end display.

An innovative world-class digital interactive golf honour board and trophy display cabinet will accommodate the major golf trophies and celebration of club accolades.

As a further enhancement to our digital offering, we will be installing a 6-metre state of the art LED screens in our Sports Bar, in addition to our new 3-metre Mega Screen which is now live in the Main Lounge! These Screens are the first of their kind to be installed on the South Coast. Game Day has never looked so good!

With a stylistic approach to our interior design, we have integrated Custom Designer Godfrey Hirst Carpet with Acoustic Backing in our TAB Precinct, Indoor Gaming & Sports Lounges to enhance visual and audible experiences for all.

The strategic application of Low-Sheen finishes in selected areas of the Gaming Lounge will maximise the diffusion of gaming light projections, whilst enhancing comfort and aesthetic.

Gaming Machine and TAB Joinery features stylish Formica Metro Wood Velour Finish cladding with vertically displayed grain, with polished brass and gold accents to complement our refurbished modern design aesthetic.

We have thoughtfully integrated Safety and Night Vision Window film with a unique multilayer construction based on nanotechnologies which will act as a barrier and reduce air conditioning and heating costs, as part of Club Catalina’s progressive sustainability and environment awareness initiatives.

The Walls in our Internal Gaming Lounge have been lined with a high-end and incredibly stunning Black Wavelength Wallcovering. It is every interior design enthusiast’s dream!

The exterior walls of our Gaming Lounge feature a modern geometric Vycon Angles Max White Quartz Cladding with soft industrial undertones utilising a neutral palette to work in unison with its surrounds.

We have incorporated stylish seating through all areas including a classically elegant upholstered range from Freedom Furniture and Matt Blatt.

Greenery has been integrated throughout with designer Fishtail Palm Trees in Northcote Pottery Charcoal Café Style Terracotta Pots accentuating the feeling of comfort, life, and a natural aesthetic.

As part of our Stage 2 redevelopments, we have also catered for those who prefer to be at one with the outdoor environment, through inclusion of an outdoor gaming area. With selective weather and smoke resistant finishes and enhanced technological capabilities, members and guests will be able to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience,

We invite you to come and make our new home, your new home!

Club Catalina new TAB Precinct

Club Catalina new Gaming Precinct boasts luxurious interior design finishes

Club Catalina Main Lounge Precinct – Cosy breakout spaces for everyone!