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I live inside the 5km area, do I need to become a member?
In short, yes you will need to become a member. Everyone over the age of 18 years living within the 5 km radius is required to become a member to enter the club.

The exception to this is as follows:
You are a guest of a Club Catalina full member and have been signed in by that member.

Do I need to have ID to enter the club?

All guests will be asked to present photo ID, like a driver licence that shows your current address before gaining entry to the club.

Am I able to sign in a friend or family member under the age of 18?
Any guest under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by what the Club deems as a responsible adult, in short this means someone over the age of 25.

Who can ride the bus?
The Club Catalina Courtesy Bus is available for both members and guests. The bus travels as far South as Malua Bay and as far North to Long Beach.

As per National child restraint laws, children aged 7 and under are not permitted to travel in the Courtesy Bus.


What happens if I lose or damage my membership card?
If you have lost your membership card inside the Club, it will be handed in and filed at Reception. However, if you have lost or damaged your card elsewhere, you can visit reception and have a new card printed for a small fee.

When do my bonus points expire?
All bonus points expire on the 1st January each year. Members must redeem all points before this date or risk losing them.

When do I need to renew my membership?
The Club’s membership runs by the financial year, so your membership will need renewing by the 30 June. When time to renew your membership, you will need to visit Club Reception before 1 August. If you are unable to come into the Club for any reason, you can also renew your membership by mail with a cheque, or a friend or family member is also able to renew it for you.

How do I become a member?
To become a member, you need to fill out an application form at reception. Once you have completed all of the information on the application form, Reception will take your photo and process the form. You will be issued with your membership card which will entitle you to all benefits of Membership.


The overall expectation is consistent with a clean, tidy and non-offensive dress standard and can be described as neat smart casual.

The Manager on Duty’s decision is final in all matters relating to dress rules.

Are hats permitted in the Club?

Under most circumstances hats are permitted in the club.

Are rubber thongs permitted in the Club?

Yes, you are permitted to wear rubber thongs.


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Are children welcome at the club?

Yes. Children under 18 years are welcome to visit all areas of the Club – excluding the gaming room.  Please note that children must be supervised at all times and are not permitted in the restricted areas of the Club and are not able to approach any bar.

As per National child restraint laws, children aged 7 and under are not permitted to travel in the Courtesy Bus.


I was interested in joining the team at Club Catalina, how do I go about applying for any positions vacant?

Simply visit the Careers Page of our site and take a few moments to fill out our online application form. Be sure to have your current resume ready to upload.

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I have dietary requirements and am coming to lunch at the Catalina Restaurant, do you have any items suitable for me to eat?

We certainly do! All suitable menu items are clearly marked, however if you have any questions, simply see our friendly staff and we will do our best to assist. Our menus can be viewed here.

I have a group of 4 people wanting to come for dinner in the Catalina Restaurant, do we need to make a booking?

Bookings for the Catalina Restaurant are available online by simply clicking here.