Summary of November Board Meeting

Thursday, 24 November 2022 at 3pm

Present: C. Flynn (Chair), R. Gercken, R. Sinclair, M. Wallace M. Lowe , F. Cross, J Whittle, G. Chapman (GM), M. Judd (AGM)

Apologies: A. Hall

Presentation by: Andrew Betts, ANZ Bank regarding the Club has a healthy capacity to borrow for future projects if required.
Minutes of Board Meeting held Thursday, 26 October 2022 (22.10) be accepted as presented.

BOD 22.11.1

Business Arising from 26 October 2022 Minutes:

  • 21 Action List items completed.
  • 14 Action List items identified or in progress.

Correspondence – Inward:

  • Application and letter from Marine Rescue NSW requesting charity golf day
  • Club Grants Application from Keeping Women Safe in the Eurobodalla
  • Letter of apology from Kye Walters received 24.11.2022 seeking removal of life ban
  • Emails from Peter Criss to the GM received 18.11.2022 regarding administration of By-law 5.
  • By-law 7 Declaration of Intent to Depart with amendments marked up, by President.


Marine Rescue NSW Charity Golf Day 2023 – Application
Club Grants Category 2 – Keeping Women Safe in the Eurobodalla $3k
By-law 5 – Membership Fees, Waives and the Absentee List – to be updated specifying date of effect by member.
By-law 21 – Standing Orders – New Secretary’s Disciplinary Powers procedure included
By-law 7 – Declaration of Intent to Depart – Reviewed and endorsed by

Correspondence – Outward: 

  • Letter to member advising Disciplinary Hearing on Thursday 17 November 2022
  • Email to members regarding cart shed and waitlist
  • Email to member regarding cart shed
  • Email to members regarding cart shed and waiting list
  • Thank you email to Luke Grinham (Golf NSW) re JNJG Junior Masters event

Committee Reports 

  • Minutes of Lady Golfers Section Committee Meeting held 11 & 19 October 2022 and AGM held 19 October 2022
  • Minutes of Golf Operations Committee Meeting 31 October 2022
  • Minutes of Workplace Health and Safety Committee Meeting 10 November 2022
  • Minutes of Veterans Committee Meeting held 11 November 2022
  • Minutes of the Disciplinary Committee Meeting held 17 November 2022

Management Report

  • Finance Reports presented by GM.
  • Functions: scheduled & booked for December 2022 as presented.
  • HR Matters: Total Employees 98, Permanent 28, Part time 19, Casual 51
  • Recently appointed Finance Manager Steven McKeane commenced on 14 November 2022.
    Steven brings a wealth of experience to the role.
  • Foundu – new digital platform for HR, payroll and rostering ‘Foundu’ is now live.
  • Learning and Development – Leading High Performance Teams Workshop conducted by Paul
  • Emergency Response Training – conducted onsite with Pre-EMPT training on 27 October 2022.
  • Club Grants Category 2 Applications– The Combined Churches Christmas Day Lunch $1,500

Course Statistics – October

  • October 2021 5,850 rounds (189 players per day)
  • October 2022 4,262 rounds (137 players per day)
  • Jan – October 21 55,091 rounds (181 players per day)
  • Jan – October 22 49,323 rounds (162 players per day) 10.5% reduction

Management Recommendations approved.
General Business

  • Carpark lighting – JRC Electrical quote for upgrade car park lighting accepted
  • AGM Minutes and Constitution – received the updated constitution from Pigott Stinson, to be lodged with ASIC. AGM minutes will be circulated to the Board within the week.
  • Draft Master Plan Strategy – Reviewed by Board to forward to LG Advisory.
  • Liquor Accord Meeting – GM attended.
  • Asset Valuation – Undertaken and Received.
  • Stage 4 – Design – Front entrance, bathrooms, office reception and retail
  • Terrace Sails – the terrace sail was damaged during strong wind conditions on 21 November 2022. Sun
    umbrellas to be used on the terrace until a replacement sail is available to be installed.
  • Installation of Distance Markers – The distance markers have been ordered.
  • Hole of the Week – Signage for “the Hole of the Week” should be available very soon.
  • Weekend Breakfasts – going nicely, a great initiative for both members and visitors.
  • 21st Tee – New Diamond Grid Path – Well received by members, requires further shoring up on one side.
  • 26th Men’s Tee – Cart Turnaround – Needs to be reviewed to assess safety aspect.
  • Club Cart Shed – Consider the purchase of an Industrial vacuum cleaner for cleaning Club Cart shed.

Meeting closed at 6:00pm
Next Meeting Thursday, 22 December 2022 @ 3pm.

Member Suggestions

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