Summary of November Board Meeting

Friday, 16 December 2022 at 3pm

Present: C. Flynn (Chair), R. Gercken, A. Hall, R. Sinclair, M. Wallace, M. Lowe, F. Cross, G. Chapman (GM), M. Judd (AGM)

Apologies: Nil

Minutes of Board Meeting held Thursday, 24 November 2022 (22.11) be accepted as presented.

Business Arising from 24 November 2022 Minutes:

  • 12 Action List items completed.
  • 14 Action List items identified or in progress.

Correspondence – Inward:

  1. Email from member regarding MLOA
  2. Club Grants Category 2 Application from Eurobodalla Netball Association
  3. Email from member regarding Helloworld promotion

Club Grants Category 2 – Eurobodalla Netball Association $6k

Correspondence – Outward:

  1. Email to Luke Grinham, from Golf NSW regarding Jack Newton Junior Masters Event
  2. Email to member regarding 2022 Board Nominations
  3. Email to member regarding Helloworld and Legal Advice

Committee Reports – Nil

Management Report

  • Finance Reports presented by GM.
  • Functions: scheduled & booked for January 2023 as presented.
  • HR Matters:  Total Employees 100, Permanent 24, Part time 26, Casual 50
  • New Uniforms: Team members in beverage, gaming, golf course and golf shop have been issued with new navy Sporte Leisure uniform shirts.
  • Learning and Development: A group of 21 of our beverage team attended training session supported by supplier.

Course Statistics – November

November 2021 5,483 rounds (183 players per day)

November 2022 5,496 rounds (183 players per day)

Jan – November 2021 60,574 rounds (181 players per day)

Jan – November 2022 54,819 rounds (164 players per day) – 9.5% reduction

Management Recommendations approved.


General Business

    • Terrace Sail 3D Quote – No action to be taken until Board and management are assured that further storm damage would not reoccur.  Temporary umbrellas to be sourced.
    • Insurance – Building Replacement Valuation reviewed and confirmed.
    • Stage 3a – advised that the alfresco area will not be open for trade this festive season until early January 2023, due to supply and trade issues, plus ability to have area certified.
    • Course Discoloration – AGM to provide update to membership via Golf eNews.
    • Member for Bega Meeting – GM and other local club representatives met with member for Bega to communicate the Club industries concerns with the implementation of potential mandatory cashless gaming card and other measures that would adversely affect the viability of the club industry.
    • Southern carpark Exit – civil, hydraulic, flood and structural engineering to be priced up to prepare bridge proposal.  This initiative to be included into the Master Plan.
  • Stage 4 – Administration and Reception plans reviewed in preparation to go out to tender early 2023.
    • Land Sale – the sale of the Land adjacent to the 17 tee looks to settle end January 2023.
    • Flood Donation – Molong Bowling Club $5k
  • Cited Member – Life ban rescinded after interview with management & Board support
    • Gaming Conversion – endorsed $4,500k     
  • Course Beautification – Gardens Additional $500 for the procurement of plans by GM.

Meeting closed at 5:20pm

Next Meeting Thursday, 23 February 2023 @ 3pm.

Member Suggestions


Trading Graph – November 2022