Sophie Eppelstun has obtained Plus figures


It’s official, we have another Plus marker at Catalina. With her performance at Goulburn, and again at Bonville, Sophie now has a GA handicap of +0.7. This is no mean feat and is a culmination of many hours of diligent and structured practice. Sophie is regularly on the putting green or Driving Range long after most have left for the day. Her dedication and effort toward the game is beginning to pay off. Even Sophie will admit there is plenty of work to go reach the highest level, but having just turned 16 she is certainly headed in the right direction at the right age. If any members see her practicing around the Club, my suggestion is to sit back and watch the methodical way she goes about her practice, take note at the attention to detail and how she analyses and critiques her performance. Many of us could learn a thing or 2 from her commitment.