Sophie was extremely fortunate to be invited to play in the Webex Players Series Sydney which was held at the beautiful Castle Hill Country Club.

It was a four day Professional event and a select group of juniors were invited to play alongside the pros for the last two days and an opportunity not to be missed!


On Saturday, Sophie played with pros Justin Warren and Josh Armstrong. The extremely windy day made clubbing difficult and some of Soph’s shots just didn’t reach their targets.

A nice surprise was seeing cadet master Bart Gannon who was ball spotting on the 5th hole which Soph narrowly missed her birdie putt on. Bart’s son Steve is the Head Professional at Castle Hill.

Another highlight of her day was on the 17th hole where she “holed in” from the steep front bunker protecting the pin. It was however her second attempt as she was totally plugged on the steep side and had to hit a shot just to get the ball in a more playable position.

Soph was extremely happy with a par and both shots were caught on camera as the event was televised. Soph shot a 5 over which placed her 8th amongst the juniors.


On day 2, Soph had her second “hole in one” of the summer on the 2nd hole.

It was a perfect shot; one hop and in. Unfortunately she followed this with two bogeys and finished 1 over par for the round.

It could have been a great round if 5 putts which actually touched the hole had fallen. This improved her position to tied 3rd amongst the juniors.

Check out this video of Sophie picking her ball from the hole.